Short, Sweet, to the Point

Everything you need to know about the diaphragm, in one coffee break

Coffee Break Courses are packed with useful information, but can be studied in a short space of time, without the pressure of tests, assignments or exams. 

The course was written by Voice College Vice-Principal Christine Jones and is completely stand-alone, but there are opportunities to take your studies further if you want to. (We never pressure you into that though - the decision is yours alone)! 

Please note that this is not a qualification, but a chance to learn the basics  of the workings of the diaphragm - during a coffee break, on a train journey, in the park, or in the bath (don't drop your tablet though). You get the idea! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Housekeeping Stuff (dull but necessary)!

    • Copyright Notice

    • How to Use the Course Platform - A Brief Overview

    • Hello from Team VC and Your Course Designer, Christine Jones

  • 2

    Let's Go!

    • So, What is the Diaphragm?

    • The Role of the Diaphragm During Inspiration

    • The Role of the Diaphragm During Expiration

    • What Happens When the Diaphragm is not Used Efficiently?

    • Exercising Your Diaphragm

    • Summary

  • 3

    Now Let's Recap

    • Revision Quiz

  • 4

    Next Steps

    • Before You Go...