Register Awareness, the Practical Way!

How to Balance & Bridge Between Your Registers with Ease

The subject of vocal registers is extensive, and with so much conflicting information out there it can be difficult to know how to approach the subject, both for singers trying to improve their own voices, and for teachers trying to help their students. 

This short course addresses the "how to" of registers from the perspective of resonance and bio-feedback, offering the teacher or singer an accessible, practical approach to developing and controlling registers using super-effective exercises and some simple rules. It includes an overview of the current voice science, without getting bogged down in it. 

What You'll Learn

  • The Rules of Bridging

    How to avoid that nasty "break" that singers so often encounter. It's much simpler than you might think!

  • What Registers Are

    Get past the confusing terminology once and for all, and learn to identify the different registers in your own voice.

  • What Resonance Is

    Having a little understanding of the science (not too much, we promise!) really helps you to get to grips with how to manipulate it when singing.

  • Comfort Zones & Power Zones

    One of the keys to the vocal kingdom... once you've understood how the "zones" work, you'll find register control so much easier.

  • How to Make Vowels Work for You

    Learning the difference between high-turnover and low-turnover vowels will transform your singing.

  • How to Align the Vocal Folds

    For great singing - and especially for great bridging - we need to achieve good "horizontal and vertical alignment" of the vocal folds.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Housekeeping Stuff (dull but necessary)!

    • Copyright Notice

    • How to Use the Course Platform - A Brief Overview

    • Hello from Team VC and your course designer!

  • 2

    Part 1 - What is a Register?

    • What is a Register?

    • Revision Quiz

  • 3

    Part 2 - What is Resonance?

    • Harmonics, Spaces, Resonances and Formants in a Nutshell

    • The Perception of Resonance

    • Horizontal Alignment - What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

    • Practical Exercises for Developing Resonance Awareness

    • Horizontal Alignment Exercise 1

    • Horizontal Alignment Exercise 2

    • Horizontal Alignment Exercise 3

  • 4

    Part 3 - Bridging and Connecting the Registers

    • The Primo Passaggio - Where Mouth Resonance Takes Over from Throat Resonance

    • Practical Exercise for Developing Vocal Balance - The Cuperto

    • Cuperto 1: The Standard 1-Octave Variant

    • Cuperto 2: The 1.5.Octave Variant & Holding a Line of Tension

    • Cuperto 3: The 2-Octave Variant

    • Correct Labelling of Registers

    • Using Cuperto for Voice Development

  • 5

    Part 4: Comfort Zones and Power Zones

    • What and Where is a Comfort Zone?

    • What and Where is a Power Zone?

  • 6

    Part 5: More on Bridging

    • The "Change up Early" Approach

    • Audio Files for "The Change Up Early" Approach

    • Reversing the Polarities (aka the "Smoke and Mirrors" Approach)

    • The "Utilise a Big Interval" Approach (Part 1 of 3)

    • Audio Files for 'Utilise a Big Interval' (Part 1 of 3)

    • Developing the 'Use a Big Interval' Approach (Part 2 of 3)

    • Audio files for "Developing the 'Use a Big Interval' Approach" (Part 2 of 3)

    • Return to the Comfort Zone - Putting it All Together (Part 3 of 3)

    • Audio Files for "Return to the Comfort Zone - Putting it All Together" (Memory, Part 3 of 3)

  • 7

    Part 6: Getting Versatile with Vowel Sounds

    • Understanding Low-Turnover & High-Turnover Vowels

  • 8

    Resonating the Registers at a Glance

    • A Quick Recap - What did we Learn?

  • 9

    Next Steps

    • Before You Go...

    • Potential Future Courses - What's On Your Wishlist?

  • 10

    Goodies and Extras

    • Hints on Singing by Garcia II

    • On Vocal Registers by Harry Hollien

    • Resonance in Singing and Speaking by Thomas Fillebrown

    • Full-length Practise Tracks for "I Drove All Night"

    • Full-length Practise Tracks for "Memory"

  • 11


    • References

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