Experience the Power of the Breath

Discover this simple but highly effective way to refresh a tired voice

This course was written and recorded by Voice College Principal Ria Keen, and is completely stand-alone, but there are opportunities to take your studies further if you want to. (We never pressure you into that though - the decision is yours alone)! 

Please note that this is not a qualification, but a chance to learn one of the most useful set of exercises you will ever encounter! Perfect for tired, hoarse, overworked or otherwise stressed voices and tight throats. 

Disclaimer: the exercises in this course are not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment - although they can be used as part of a therapeutic programme where required. If you think that your voice (or that of your student) might be damaged, please see your GP! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Housekeeping Stuff (dull but necessary)!

    • Copyright Notice

    • How to Use the Course Platform - A Brief Overview

    • Hello from Team VC and your Course Tutor

  • 2

    Causes of Throat Tension, Hoarseness and Strain

    • Why do Throats get Constricted and Strained?

  • 3

    The Roots of the Throat Deconstriction and Relaxation Programme

    • Alexander Technique and The Whispered Ah

  • 4

    Let's Go!

    • The Throat Deconstriction and Relaxation Programme - full version: Audio download (20 minutes)

    • Audio download - exercises only (12 minutes)

    • Transcript

    • Bonus Track (30 minutes) - Ocean sounds - Exercises and Meditation

  • 5

    Useful information

    • Links out

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • Before You Go...

    • Potential Future Courses - What's On Your Wishlist?