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  • 1

    Welcome to your Lifelong Learning Resource Library!

    • Welcome from Ria

    • How to access your resources

    • How to Get the Very Best Out of Your Resources

  • 2

    June Webinar with Cathy Crompton - The Mindset of Singing (June 25th 1pm)

    • LLL Mindset Webinar - 25th June 2021

  • 3

    June Live Clinic with Ria Keen & Cordelia Lewis - June 16th at 4pm

    • June Clinic Replay 16.06.21

  • 4

    June Audio / Video Resources

    • Bookworm's corner #1 - Your Body, Your Voice with Christine Jones

    • Building better posture 6 - with Sue Cooke

    • Jaw & Tongue Tension - with Christine Jones

    • Lip Roll Tips & Troubleshooting - with Cathy Crompton

    • Straw Phonation with Darren John

    • The Paper Vocal Folds with Darren John

    • BONUS! Better sitting #1 - with Sue Cooke

    • BONUS! Better sitting #2 - with Sue Cooke

  • 5

    June Handouts, Guides, Blogs & Infographics

    • 432 - The Frequency of Harmony? - with Christine Jones

    • Choosing Pop/Rock Songs for Musical Theatre Auditions - with Darren John

    • Dry Mouth When Singing - with Christine Jones

    • Five Free Apps for Ear Training - with Christine Jones

    • Vocal Destruction Top 10 - with Cordelia Lewis

    • Why Do You Sing? with Cathy Crompton

  • 6

    June Sing 4 Health Content

    • Saints, Swing, Yeeha! with Claire Fowler

    • Toss n Talk Ball with Claire Fowler

    • Singing for Alzheimer's and Dementia infographic

  • 7

    June Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Energetics Content

    • Countdown: Grounding Exercise for Nervous or Anxious Students

    • Stress Control - 15-minute meditation with Ria Keen

    • A Power Nap by the Ocean (18 minutes) - with Ria Keen

  • 8

    June Scholarly Articles & Non-TVC Papers

    • Addressing Problems in the Upper Tessitura - Ramirez

    • Breathing Behaviour During Singing - Sundberg

    • Components of Vocal Blend plus Expressive Tuning - Gerald Eskelin

    • Lax Vox Voice Therapy Technique - Sihvo and Denizoglu

    • Messa di Voce and its Effectiveness as a Training Exercise for the Young Singer - Diane Pulte

    • On the Magic of Overtone Singing - Cosi and Tisato

    • Physiological Changes in the Adolescent Female Voice: Applications for Choral Instruction - Gabrielle Haston

    • Sing Yourself Free : Advice for the Redevelopment Of Natural Phonation - Jann Karl Klasmann

    • Vocology Guide - National Center for Voice and Speech

    • X-ray Study of Articulation and Formant Frequencies in Two Female Singers - Johanssen

  • 9

    May '21 Archives - scroll down to view!

    • May webinar access

    • May Voice Clinic Playback

    • Dan Reeve podcast

    • An Introduction to Twang with Cordelia Lewis

    • Building Better Posture #5 with Sue Cooke

    • Finding Chest Voice (When It's Got Lost Down the Back of the Sofa) with Ria Keen

    • Monkey Position with Darren John

    • Shoulder Reset Exercise with Lydia Pugh

    • Are You Sitting Comfortably? with Sue Cooke

    • Excessive Saliva When Singing with Christine Jones

    • I Can't Find Time to Sing with Cordelia Lewis

    • Make Someone Else's Words Your Own with Cathy Crompton

    • Percussion & New Perspectives with Cordelia Lewis

    • So, What Makes a Great Singing Teacher? with Ria Keen

    • Trickier Guitar Chords with Cordelia Lewis

    • Twenty Tongue Twisters to Try with Christine Jones

    • What Is SOVT? with Darren John

    • April's Crossword Answers!

    • Greenwood Tree with Claire Fowler

    • Shine on Me with Claire Fowler

    • Singing and Mental Health Infographic - Claire Fowler

    • The Daily Re-Set, with Alan Richardson

    • Motivation Meditation (23 Minutes) with Ria Keen

    • What is Mindful Practise? with Ria Keen

    • Application of Singing Techniques For The Treatment Dysphonia - Carroll

    • Building Voice Strength with Sustained Tone Warm-Ups - Diane Cottrell

    • Effects of Shoe Heel Heights on Postural, Acoustical, and Perceptual Measures of Female Singing Performances (The)_ A Collective Case Pilot Study - Rollings

    • Heavy Metal Vocals - A Terminology Compendium - Mesia and Ribaldini

    • Human Brain Basis of Musical Rhythm Perception_ Common and Distinct Neural Substrates for Meter, Tempo, and Pattern - Thaut et al

    • More than Men in Drag- Gender, Sexuality, and theFalsettist in Musical Comedy of Western Civilization - Fugate

    • Positioning Your Choir - Charlene Archibeque

    • The Tongue as Master of Your Singing - Shirlee Emmons

  • 10

    April 2021 Archives - Scroll Down to View!

    • Playback - April Webinar - Registers with Darren John

    • An interview with Nathaniel Morrison - actor, dancer, gospel singer and songwriter, and Artistic Director of The West End Gospel Choir.

    • Geek Out to Help Out Part 4 with Alan Richardson

    • Posture Building Part 4 with Sue Cooke

    • Singing in a mask with Cathy Crompton

    • Vocal Freedom Part 3 with Ria Keen

    • 5 Top Tips for a Great Audition! - with Alan Richardson

    • Apps for Singers - with Cordelia Lewis

    • Balls to the Rescue! - with Cathy Crompton

    • Four Food Facts for the Serious Singer - with Christine Jones

    • Getting Back to the Basics - with Lydia Jane Pugh

    • Giant Singing Crossword - with Cordelia Lewis

    • Power-Source-Filter with Darren John

    • Taking the Plunge - with Lydia Jane Pugh

    • The Four Stages of Student Assessment - with Christine Jones

    • What is Falsetto? Part 2 - with Alan Richardson

    • Every Night Lung Health Group Exercise

    • Oh What a Glorious Day Lung Health Exercise

    • Singing for Lung Health Infographic

    • Take a Beat - with Ria Keen

    • Five Minute Fix - "Breathing Space for Calm, Clarity & Confidence"

    • Are You a Tenor or a Baritone? - The Baritone Blog

    • Classical and Contemporary - Can You Do Both? - Daniel K. Robinson

    • Heavy Metal Vocals - A Terminology Compendium - Susanna Mesiä & Paolo Ribaldini

    • Lax Vox Voice Therapy Technique - Sihvo and Denizoglu

    • Singing and Social Inclusion - Welch et al

    • Total Choir Warm-Ups - Tim Voss

    • Vocal Mechanics and the Cultivation of Listening Skills - Cornelius Reid

  • 11

    March 2021 Archives - Scroll Down to View!

    • Playback, March Webinar "Sing 4 Health" with Claire Fowler

    • Playback, March Clinic with Darren John and Ria Keen

    • Being Vocal - Interview with Dave Draper, mega-producer!

    • Ensemble Harmony Exercise - with Darren John

    • Geek Out to Help Out #3 - with Alan Richardson

    • Improve Your Posture #3, with TVC Physio Sue Cooke

    • Vocal Freedom #2 - with Ria Keen and Transformation Coach Gido Schimanski

    • Audition Songs for Musical Theatre College - with Darren John

    • Be Demanding! For Choir Leaders - with Cathy Crompton

    • Be Prepared! For Choir Members - with Cathy Crompton

    • Comparison of Singing Exams - with Christine Jones

    • Easy Guitar Chords - with Cordelia Lewis

    • Sound is Movement, Singing is Sound - with Ria Keen

    • So You Want To Be A Singing Teacher? - with Christine Jones

    • The Art of Practising - with Ria Keen

    • What is Falsetto? #1 - with Alan Richardson

    • Working with a Microphone: Tips and Tricks - with Lydia Pugh

    • Parkinsons' Exercise: Zum Gali - with Sing 4 Health Expert Claire Fowler

    • More Parkinson's Exercises - with Sing 4 Health Expert Claire Fowler

    • Why Singing for Parkinson's?

    • Breathe and Be Focusing - with Mindfulness, Focusing and Mental Health Expert Cathy Rowan

    • Bowen Therapy - A singer's Secret Weapon? - with Ria Keen and Bowen Therapist Jo Lunn

    • Cricothyroid Muscle & Thyroarytenoid Muscle Dominance in Vocal Register Control: Preliminary Results - Kochis-Jenninsg et al

    • Hand Signals for Choral Conducting (unattributed)

    • Non-linear Source-Filter Coupling in Phonation: Theory - Ingo Titze

    • Singing Through Menopause, Reactions and Responses: Survey Results - Martha Elliot

    • Vocal Health and Voice Care - Daniel K Robinson

    • Vocal Qualities in Music Theater Voice: Perceptions of Expert Pedagogues - Bourne and Kenny

    • Voice Building Exercises from the Cornelius L. Reid Archive - Yarrington

  • 12

    February '21 Archives - scroll down to view!

    • Playback for webinar: Over the Counter Medicines

    • Handout 1: OTC Medicines and the Voice - Common Cough & Cold treatments.pdf

    • Handout 2: OTC Medicines and the Voice - Treatments aimed at voice users

    • Audio-only webinar playback

    • Playback for February clinic with Cathy and Darren

    • Got a Question?

    • Being Vocal" - Award-winning Lady Gaga tribute act Donna Marie talks to Mark "The Man in the Hat" James

    • Vocal Freedom #1 - with TVC Principal Ria Keen

    • Improve Your Posture #1 with TVC Physio Sue Cooke

    • Improve Your Posture #2 - with TVC Physio Sue Cooke

    • Dealing with Coughs & Colds - with TVC Vice-Principal (and qualified pharmacist!) Christine Jones

    • Geek Out to Help Out #2 - with TVC Tutor and West End Wonder Alan Richardson

    • Conquering Zoom - Tips for Online Teaching

    • Love your voice to unlock your potential

    • Rhythm Syllable Guide - Grown Up Edition

    • Singing - Making Improvements (Aimed at 8 - 13 year olds)

    • The Clues Are in the Music

    • Tips for memorising song lyrics - Christine Jones

    • Vocal Health - Teacher Reference

    • What is legit singing_

    • Why Singers Need to Move

    • Writing for Voice - Lydia Jane Pugh

    • Are You Ready to Run? - Lydia Jane Pugh

    • Singing Together - Christine Jones

    • Articulation Exercise - with Sing 4 Health Expert Claire Fowler

    • "Cup of Coffee" exercise with Sing 4 Health Expert Claire Fowler

    • "Senwana Dadende" with Sing 4 Health expert Claire Fowler

    • Breathe and Be: Ana's Story - with Mindfulness and Wellbeing Expert Cathy Rowan

    • Your Body Is Your Instrument - Look After It! - Sue Cooke

    • On Breathing and Support - Scott McCoy

    • Developing the Male Head Voice - Eaton

    • Vocal Warm Up Exercises for All Singers - Brenda C Kayne

    • How to Dramatically Increase Your Vocal Range - Diane Hamel

    • Influence of Whistle Register Phonation Exercises in Conditioning the Second Passaggio of the Female Singing Voice - Allison Ruth Holmes-Bendixen

    • Role of Kinesthesia in a Pedagogy for Singing (The) - Karen Tillotson Bauer

    • The Contribution of Aryepiglottic Constriction toRinging Voice Quality A Videolaryngoscopic Studywith Acoustic Analysis - Estill et al

    • Teaching the Singing Actor and the Acting Singer_ Inviting the Musical Theatre Approach and Student Into the Classical Voice Studio - Katherine Noone

  • 13

    January '21 Archives - scroll down to view!

    • Webinar Playback - "All About Anchoring"

    • Handout for "All About Anchoring"

    • January Clinic (Playback) with Christine Evans and Alan Richardson

    • Dealing with TMJ Problems - with TVC Physio Sue Cooke

    • Geek Out to Help Out - with West End Star and TVC Tutor Alan Richardson

    • Raising the Soft Palate - with TVC Vice Principal Christine Jones

    • Singing in a Mask - with TVC Physio Sue Cooke

    • The Black Keys Warm-Up! - with Master of All Things Musical, TVC Tutor Dan Haslam

    • BEING VOCAL Podcast 1 - Divina de Campo with "The Man in the Hat", TVC Teamster Mark James

    • Stress Control - Self Hypnosis Resource with TVC Principal Ria Keen

    • A Guide to Finding and Learning Musical Intervals -with TVC Vice Principal Christine Jones

    • Breathing for Singing (Handout for Children Age 8 - 13) - with TVC Deputy Principal Cordelia Lewis

    • Build Your Own Larynx! - with TVC Deputy Principal Cordelia Lewis

    • Creating "The Third Singer" - A Guide for Choir Leaders, Teachers and Singers - with TVC Principal Ria Keen

    • Day-to-Day Good Vocal Hygiene - with Musical Theatre Specialist and TVC Tutor Darren John

    • How to Create a Set List - with Award-Winning Composer & TVC Tutor Lydia Jane Pugh

    • How to Learn a Song So You Can't Get It Wrong - with TVC Principal Ria Keen

    • Quick Tips for Improvisation - with Award-Winning Composer & TVC Tutor Lydia Jane Pugh

    • Singing Posture (handout for Children age 8 - 13) with TVC Deputy Principal Cordelia Lewis

    • Using Lyric Prompts for Performance - with Choir Director and TVC Tutor Cathy Hart

    • Working with New Students - with Choir Director and TVC Tutor Cathy Hart

    • Setting Up a Home Vocal Studio - with Musical Theatre Specialist & TVC Tutor Darren John

    • Why Are My Bbs Flat, When I Sing in My Flat? - with West End Star and TVC Tutor Alan Richardson

    • What is Singing for Health? - An Introduction

    • Sing 4 Health Bingo! - with Sing 4 Health Course Creator & Expert Practitioner Claire Fowler

    • Sing 4 Health Co-ordination Exercise - with Sing 4 Health Course Creator and Expert Practitioner Claire Fowler

    • Breathe and Be - "Cathy's Story" - with Mindfulness and Wellbeing Expert Cathy Rowan

    • Burnout - Knowing When Enough is Enough - with Award-Winning Composer & TVC Tutor Lydia Jane Pugh

    • Embodying: What is it and what does it have to do with you? - with Mindfulness & Wellbeing Expert Cathy Rowan

    • Humming as a Basis for Vocal Training - Stephane Delport

    • Research on the Singing Voice in Retrospect - Johan Sundberg

    • Acoustical Measurement of the Human Vocal Tract - Quantifying Speech and Throat Singing - Bryant Foresman

    • The Physiology of Voice Production - Yolanda D. Heman-Ackah, MD

    • The Girl in 14G: Analyzing Solutions for Vocal Issues Through Vocal Pedagogy - Pires-Fernandez

    • Singing and Health: A Systematic Mapping and Review of Non-Clinical Research - Clift et al

    • A New Field for Prevention_ An Educational Approach to Health - Dimon

    • The Little Book of Mindfulness - Patricia Collard

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